Gallow Bowls Hall – Reopening

On Friday 17th at 5pm the Fakenham Sports Clubs Association had a ceremony to mark the re-opening of the newly refurbished bowls rinks.
Our local MP, Jerome Mayhew, with address the gathering and a representatives of the Norfolk Community Fund, Nigel Tompkins, and Sue Fulch-Lovesey cut a ribbon. There was a bowls roll down by ex World Indoor Bowls Champion Mervyn King, who is a GIBC member, Pam Whitehead, Gallow Indoor Bowls Club Chairperson, a young bowls member, Rhys Allen and Marlene Rogers, Chairperson of the FSCA Management Committee.
Many sports clubs are suffering from falling numbers and this gives a very positive message that indoor bowling can survive and that it is a sport attractive to both young and more mature players. We have wheelchair users who bowl and, at the Gallow we have a group of partially sighted bowlers and encourage all comers whatever their ability. We are waiting for the arrival of a powered rink wheelchair, paid for by donations and fund raising by the bowls club, which will be available to anyone who would like to play but hasn’t felt able.
If you would like more information please call 01328 862867 and ask for Daniel Cawthorne